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An education is continuous journey. According to me we are learner from womb till the tomb. Children are like buds which need various nutrients to grow properly. Therefore we, the entire team of SPS genuinely believe in imparting the education that will help them to become perfect citizens as today's students are tomorrow's citizens of our Nation.

Sunil Rathod

Director, Zhelam seva bhavi Sanstha,


"21st century is an area of science and technology. SPS provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless students learn, develop and grow. Our unparalleled curriculum and teaching methods help students take the next step in their education and approach the future with confidence."

Kranti Kulkarni,

Principal, Sandeepani Public School.

Modern Architecture
Image by Anita Jankovic


Enriching Student Lives

We strive to better our students through educational experiences both in and out of the classroom. The mission of School is to create a place where students feel safe to tackle obstacles and accomplish all of their goals. We offer a variety of opportunities to help students be the best version of themselves, while having some fun along the way.

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Image by Andrew Ebrahim


The Passion of Education

At School, we understand that each of our students has individual wants and needs. We believe that learning can only be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect and compassion, and we maintain those values in everything we do. Our unique approach provides students with the proper support system that will help lead them to a successful path.

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